Co-creative Projects

Co-creative art/music projects

Participants and service providers said:


"I can't believe we're actually making music together"


"That was so relaxing, I just drifted away while playing"


"Residents just enjoyed making music with you so much"


"Everyone stayed and was really engaged throughout the session"


"That's the most responsive I've seen Anne in months"

A project from Emma Ainsley, artist and John Phillips, musician.


Taking a co-creative approach, we work alongside people living with dementia to make artworks and engaging participatory creative experiences.


John and Emma both have over twenty years experience working in front line roles in care environments, they have maintained a collaborative art/music practice for the past seven years and have been delivering co-creative projects alongside people living with dementia since 2018.


Please do have a look around our site, and check-out what we've done and our upcoming projects.  To keep informed of the project's developments do sign-up for our newsletter and if you'd like to get involved  please do get in touch.

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