Jamming with video

Melding art and music

This coming Friday we are going to be in the studio at the Lochgelly Centre in Fife.  We have booked the space for five hours, noon till five, so we can check all our exciting tools for the audio/visual jamming project next year.  We are going to have an open studio one day a week for two six week blocks culminating in two exhibitions.  This is for people living with dementia and their supporters.

Emma has been hard at work creating a visual jamming tool using Izadora software and a creative array of input devices.  These devices will enable people living with dementia to jam in real time with many permutations of imagery and sound.  She has set up a Midi keyboard to play textures on screen, instead of musical notes!  She calls it the Texturiser.  I googled the term and came up with a hair enhancing device.  So may have to re-name it.  Any ideas are welcome!

We have been exploring the interface between art and music for many years now and I feel this is a profound breakthrough.  We have played with writing music for the moving image and making videos to original songs but this is the closest we have come to a true melding of art and music.  And this has the added attraction of been able to do it in real time, in the moment with people living with dementia.  Just last year we discovered the joy of co-creating with people living with dementia.  So much so it has become core to our practice.

I can’t wait to see what great art we will all make together and what discoveries we will make during the process.

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