A co-creative project

Co-creating with people living with dementia

Woman moving images

We are starting a new, exciting project on Monday 20th Jan.  This is a year long project involving four care homes, two in Dundee and two in Fife.  We will be exploring ways of being creative with art and music.  The four collectives will involve people living with dementia their supporters and carers.  While focusing on the process of making we will have an exhibition in 2021 at the Lochgelly Centre in Fife. 

We are taking a co-creative approach with only one parameter that we are making a thing together.  So, we have designed exercises for the early sessions that will enable people to feel relaxed and confident that they can contribute to an amazing joint piece of work.  Each person has an imagination and different ways of expressing this but not necessarily had the encouragement or time to show what they can do.  We are creating a unique space once a month, for 10 months, in which we can nurture this imagination and make an amazing piece of work.  

 We expect multiple outcomes from this project.  As well as a joyful creative journey where people will feel a sense of achievement they will also discover new things about themselves and each other.  The carers who have committed to the 10 months will feel confident to run creative groups themselves, in their care homes, and encourage and support other carers to do the same. 

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